Profitul agricol nr.23
13 iunie 2018
About Us

PROFITUL AGRICOL Magazine (edited by SC Profitul agricol SRL) is the only weekly publication about the agricultural and food industry markets. We bring to our readers attention information about new technologies, commercial, juridical and fiscal issues etc. We are publishing, for example, the quotations of the main agricultural products on the major Commodities Exchanges of the world; We are also publishing a summary of all legal documents related to agriculture, etc..

The magazine had this year the 18th anniversary, being published continuously, in excellent graphic conditions, A4 format, with minimum 52 full color pages. Weekly we are distributing 5 000 copies and we have national coverage. Most of the copies are sold through subscriptions paid directly to the editorial office. Profitul Agricol is also delivered trough specialized press distribution companies, both in Bucharest and abroad.

The subscribers of our magazine are primarily farmers and the agricultural institutions of the government: all local centers of APIA (Payment and Intervention Agency for Agriculture), ADS (Romanian State Domain Agency ), ANARZ (National Agency for Animal Breeding Amelioration and Reproduction ), APDRP (Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishing), DADR (Department for Agriculture and Rural Development), OJCA (County Agricultural Consultancy Offices), ANIF (National Administration of Land Improvement), ROMSILVA (National Forest Administration ) etc.

According to our records, most of the subscribers are commercial companies and agricultural associations. Many large companies have more than 10 subscriptions, for more of their employees that read our magazine (Insula Mare a Brailei, Agrofam Fetesti, Agricola Bacau, Agrocom Frumusani, Interagro etc.). We have partnerships with major producer's organizations such as Cooperativa Agricola Muntenia, Transylvanian Federation of Cattle Breeders , Romania Farmers' Association etc..

Most of our subscribers are from the southern counties (Constanta, Braila, Ialomita, Calarasi, Olt, Teleorman) and western districts of the country (Arad, Timisoara, Bihor). Since June 2006, we gained almost 1,000 subscribers in the counties of Moldavia (Galati, Bacau, Neamt, Botosani, Iasi).
The magazine is successfully sold to the food industry (such as bread, milk, oil and meat factories) and city halls, etc..

If we are considering that Romania has about 10 - 15 thousand agricultural companies, we have a coverage of over 40 % of the real market potential.

Chief editor,
George Ostroveanu